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Read Me File:README

Front End

Html: MS FrontPage is used for creating html files.

You can view html source from "View->Source" option of your browser.

Server Implementation

Apache Server Configuration file:httpd.conf

Bind Configuration file:named.conf            named.rfc1912.zones            for.db            rev.db

Sendmail Macro Configuration File:

Dovecot Configuration file: dovecot.conf

Vsftpd Configuration file: vsftpd.conf

Crond File for scheduling jobs: crontab.file

Data Base  

Perl Hash DBM files are used as a database

These Database files are Binary files created and used by perl scripts.

New User Queue Database: nuser.dat

Password Change Queue Database: chpass.dat

Existing System User Data: passdata.dat

Existing User Data: comp.dat

Complete User Information Database: comudata.dat

Cookies Database: cookies.dat

Cgi-Perl Scripts

User Registration Script: registration

User Frontend Sign-in Script: signin

User Backend Login Script: login

Web Mail Script: webmail

Change Password Script: Change Password

Recovering Forget Scripts: 1. forget password

                                       2. forget password

Logout Script: logout

Perl Scripts

Creation of existing system user data script: crdata

Clear Cookies script: clcook

Show data script for debugging purpose: shdata

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